Magnetic Marketing

🌟 Introducing: Magnetic Marketing Mastery - Cosmic Brand Transformation Edition 🌟

Are you ready to take all you've learned from Rise to Success on the Ascendant and Descendant and give your brand and marketing a cosmic makeover? Welcome to Magnetic Marketing Mastery - Cosmic Brand Transformation Edition – where we blend the wisdom of the stars with the power of marketing to propel your brand to new heights!

In this 4 week transformational program, we'll build upon the foundations laid in our Rise to Success on the Ascendant and Descendant course. But now, we'll take it a step further, infusing your overall brand and marketing strategy with cosmic energy.

Here's what you can expect to learn:

🚀 Unlock the Secrets: Learn how to craft captivating content that grabs attention and sparks connection with your audience.

🎣 Attract and Engage: Dive deep into proven strategies to attract and engage your ideal customers, turning them into loyal fans and advocates for your brand.

📸 Master Branding Photography: Discover the art of visual storytelling and learn how to create stunning branding photography that brings your brand's story to life.

🎨 Refine Your Brand Design: Explore techniques to refine your brand design and create an unforgettable brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.

Say goodbye to mediocre marketing efforts and hello to a world where your brand truly stands out. With Magnetic Marketing Mastery, you'll elevate your marketing game and make your brand genuinely irresistible.

The Course starts March 21st, just after Equinox!

What you'll get:

  1. Instant access to Cosmic Hive Community where you’ll have my eyes on your brand and connect with a community of influential lady creators. Fostering collaboration and partnerships. $300 Value
  2. My four-part framework for Magnetic Marketing - modules dripped weekly. $444 Value  Photography, messaging, strategy and Implementation.

  3. One private 60-minute call to explore your Cosmic Business Blueprint. $222 Value
  4. 30 days of group support via voxer from me to help you initiate and integrate. $555 Value

Total Value $1521 get it all today for $222!!!

Canadian clients please go HERE

$222.00 USD