$333.00 USD

Quarterly Celestial Box + Digital Membership


  • Ready to learn how you can use Astrology + Human Design in your daily life but have no idea where to start?

  • Curious about what a spiritual practice can look like without it being weird?

  • Doubting your own intuition and second guessing every decision you make?

  • Sick & tired of giving to everyone and everything thing else and feeling like you’re getting no support in return?

  • Wanting to explore your creativity but afraid of looking stupid?

It’s time for you to access your Magick  through embodying your own unique Energetic Signature!


  • A place where you could learn, grow and live authentically aligned with your unique energetic design.  

  • Having a heads up on the daily Astrology + Human Design to navigate your days with ease. 

  • Building a solid foundation of self-worth, feel valued and loveable. 

  • Learning ways to set healthy, strong boundaries that will support your growth & evolution.

  • Being embraced and cheered on by a global community of like-hearted women.

  • Feeling like you can always trust in yourself and your own wisdom.

  • Finally feeling like you belong somewhere and that place was designed specifically for you.

What would it feel like to know you had your very own cheer squad of support to fall back into when life got hard? It would be Everything! 

The CELESTIAL Energetics Membership, is a life transformation portal that will instantly connect you with your highest and best version of self. Exclusively led by Tara Kinden this container is designed to lead you back to your inner creator power, fullest potential and give you access your future self.

This is where we bring it all together.  You’ll discover what makes you unique, what you actually want in your life and how to align with cosmic magick to magnetize the life you design.  Through becoming intimately connected to your energetic blueprint – your Astrology + Human Design everything makes sense and the energy begins to flow.  Using Venus as your guide you’ll quickly activate your self-worth, magnetism, personal value, beauty and abundance.  True creator power comes from authentically aligning with your own power source – the magick of you.

The community of women in this container are committed to their own healing, growth, evolution, success and authentic alignment.  Dedicated to finding ways to co-create a life filled with love, peace, pleasure and freedom.

CELESTIAL has been highly curated to keep these overwhelming topics simplified and easy to integrate, to hyper-speed your transformation.  You’ll learn how to navigate the zodiac seasons with ease, grace and purpose.  The ceremonies, content and rituals will be practical, grounding and absolutely magical.  Everything you need to meet this part of yourself is all here, in one place.


  • Do you want to experience BIG shifts and changes in your life?
  • Do you want create more spaciousness and time to be who you’re meant to be?
  • Do you want to better understand your Astrology + Human Design?
  • Do you want to feel less co-dependant on others when it comes to making decisions in your own life?
  • Do you want to align with the natural cycles of the seasons and find better flow?
  • Do you want to be an integral part of a community that feels like a long lost sisterhood?


Then this is the answer you’ve been seeking!

What's Included:

  • LIVE Astrology + HD New Moon Ceremony
  •   LIVE Astrology + HD Full Moon Ceremony
  •   Energy Supports - meditation + journal prompts.
  •   Pre-Recorded Season Welcome + Initiation
  •   Bonus Monthly Pre-Recorded Venus Activation
  •   Access to All Ceremony Recordings
  •   Energetic Supports Library
  •   Private Community Group Space
  •   Special Pricing for Business Courses, Mastermind, 1:1 Coaching and Special Events
  •   30% off All Tara Kinden Co. Offerings
  •   All Access to Resource Library

ALL OF THIS ABOVE +++ your luxurious Celestial Box!

This box has been beautifully curated with luxury cosmic products designed to stir your soul and ignite your magick!  
Delivered right to your doorstep. When you open your box you will immediately feel the love, support and transformation flood your body.  It's like opening yourself up to a giant universal hug. This box is designed to elevate your frequency, initiate your wisdom, your intuition and your true creative powers.  
As we access the ancient language of astrology & magick of the cosmos through the membership, we ground it into our physical bodies by the rituals included in the box.  The act of lighting our candles and indulging our senses with the products, signals to the universe we're ready to integrate our transformation.
Here's what's Included:
  • 3 Zodiac Candles based on the season

  • 1 Full Moon Candle

  • 3 Fizzle My Shizzle - handmade luxurious bath bombs

  • Energetic Support Crystal for the Quarter

  • 3 Shadow Release Ritual tea lights

  • 3 Celebration Ritual tea lights